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Due to the National pandemic in our country we anticipate challenges with some events this school year and the number of teams that will not be able to travel or compete. So for our inaugural year we will take the TOP 100 teams from across the country  this year for a VIRTUAL CONTEST which may be specific states only. Our goal in the future is as we grow to host 7 Regional Qualifiers after each State  Association holds their State Championship to lead to a true National Championship model so the best school and best State wins. In the end everything we do is about the safety of our BBQ Family, learning and education first. For those events that continue we will have robust sanitation and safety systems in place and guidelines for all involved this school year. Our commitment it to protect and keep all of our students and teachers safe. while providing a fun, educational, one of a kind learning experience for schools across America. Help us MAKE HOMEWORK FUN AGAIN!

In an ideal World the TOP 10 High School BBQ teams from each State will compete in their Region to select the Top 10-15 teams from each Region to receive an invitation to compete in the the National High School BBQ Championship. Have you heard about The Royal, The Jack, or Memphis In May? They are all the Grand Daddy of them all BBQ Competitions. Well,we look forward to seeing your high school and team ONLINE for the first VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL BBQ CONTENT called the The SLAB (Students LIT About Barbecue) soon to be the largest High School BBQ Competition in the World when this pandemic ends! What State and school will be the Virtual National Champions for the 2020-2021 School Year?

We will get back to in person contests in the 2021-2022 School Year with the first real NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP in Austin,Texas the heart of the Barbecue World and smoked meat MECCA. Come join us in the beautiful State of Texas to try some of the best barbecue restaurants in the United States while experiencing good old Southern Hospitality in the Lone Star State. Start to make your plans now! We look forward to meeting your students and schools for a great barbecue experience or as we like to say - COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK!


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