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Having the right barbecue and grilling equipment can make all the difference in the World when cooking and creating good food or weather you win or lose a high school bbq competition.  The good news is you do not have to spend a fortune and many school's borrow or build their own smokers and grills or a combination of all of the above - buy, build, borrow, or acquire (donations). Let us know your favorite brands and what you are cooking on in our Facebook group. Check out our Suggested equipment list and Equipment Checklist in our Forms Section

Thank you for checking Hunsaker Vortex Smokers™ out. We've been building smokers for over 10 years and barbecuing for over 30, both for fun and in competitions. During a contest about two years ago, I noticed a team doing very well using drum smokers which sparked my interest in designing a drum smoker with features suitable for cooks at any level.

Having a love for BBQ and working with metal, I set out to develop a drum smoker with features not found on any other drum smoker on the market. I also consulted with several competitive barbecue smokers on what they would like to see in a smoker to arrive at what we believe is an exceptional drum smoker.

American Made and Family Owned. Every High School BBQ Team needs a Vortex Charcoal Basket.




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